In a city, walking offers a constant fountain of new visual information. The hours spent walking and the ritual practice of active observation of the urban environment build the foundation for the aesthetic I create in my paintings. My current works are built around the study of the local landscape, observations on the architecture, light, and color. The tension between man-made structures and organic growth fascinates me.  I use observed structures and form to construct drawings on paper, and vignettes of line and shape. From these vignettes, I transfer line and color onto canvas. These marks build the composition, the texture, and the direction of takes on a conversation. As one moves through space, walking along the street, the information gathering changes the experience and the environment changes the observer. This process of mark making and reaction repeats as the painting unfolds. I allow for the painting to take on its own structure and direction. Observations, interpretations, and interactions inform each an every work, letting it become its own entity in the end, as a reflection on my local environment. In each piece I work in the space between the representation of a physical space and the recognition of the flat plane of the canvas. Shifting between the physical experience of being on a street and observing the light or shadow around you and the removed experience of sitting in the studio recalling the sensations experienced, my work comes into fruition.


Untitled (35th St.) Acrylic and Watercolor on paper, 2015